Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been putting in 110% of the effort and getting only 10% of the results
  • You have a business you’re trying to grow, but it’s not happening fast enough
  • You feel completely overwhelmed by the thousands of decisions you have to make and the things you have to do every single day
  • Even though you set goals, they just don’t get accomplished – while it seems like others around you accomplish whatever they want to with apparent ease
  • You’re struggling and working hard to create a solid financial future, but so many things keep holding you back
  • You’ve done a lot of personal growth work, and you know it SHOULD be working, but it just isn’t

If it does, then I have great news: you’re in the right place. And you’re not alone…

Why Aren’t You Succeeding? Let’s Look At The Science!

It’s not your fault you’re not succeeding like you want to. There is now strong scientific evidence that proves how your negative emotions actually interfere with the rational parts of your brain. Because of this, when you experience a fear, anxiety, upset or anger, you literally can’t access all the intelligence, resources and capabilities you have to deal with such emotions.

And here’s what makes that phenomenon even worse: when a current event or situation triggers the memory of a past negative event you experienced, you’re equipped only with the resources you had when that original event occurred.

For example, let’s say that when you were 13 years old, you decided to tell a boy or girl you liked them – and you were rejected and humiliated.

Now, 20 years later, you are about to give a presentation at an important business meeting. As you stand to begin speaking, your boss uses a phrase that jars your subconscious into remembering that humiliating rejection you experienced when you were 13. The confidence you had coming into the meeting disappears, and you suddenly feel the same emotions you experienced all those years ago, even if you aren’t even aware of it happening.
The result? You react exactly as you would have when you were 13. You’re stripped of all the wisdom, knowledge and experience you have gained in the past 20 years, and you find yourself using the words of your 13-year-old self.

You may be thinking, “Okay, that makes sense, but how does it show up in business?”

Ever experience any of the following?
  • Overwhelm and Stress
  • Procrastination
  • Irritation with clients, colleagues or vendors
  • Fear or dislike of sales or marketing
  • Lack of follow through with your intentions/commitments
  • Inability to consistently achieve goals
  • Frustration with an income ceiling that’s too low

Subconscious Triggers Are Shutting Down Your Success Skills
Here’s an example of how a past event manifested for one of our clients, and stopped her from succeeding.
Mary is a small business owner offering a great service. She found that every time she spoke to a potential client, no matter how enthusiastic they were about hiring her, she could not bring herself to actually ask them for her fee.

Working with us, Mary realized that as an 8-year-old child, she had once asked her father for her allowance. He became furious, and yelled at her. That one incident that had occurred many years ago was subsequently stored in her subconscious, and unbeknownst to her, was actually keeping her from feeling comfortable asking her clients for money.

Now, Mary wasn’t conscious of all this. All she knew was that she wasn’t selling, and didn’t know why.

Once we identified this block, Mary was able to understand WHY she wasn’t selling.  Working together, we helped her remove that trigger, and once it was gone, she was rid of the very thing that had been keeping her from being able to asking for the money she certainly deserves.
There is a common misconception out there that it is easy to talk yourself through overcoming these types of issues, through the use of sheer willpower.

But the thing is, if you’re solely depending on your own will power, you are again putting forth 110% of the effort to receive only 10% of the results.
These blocks become the mountain standing between you and your goals. Each time you are reaching for something, you have to first climb over that mountain. That requires a LOT of effort and doesn’t leave much energy for actually achieving your goal.

Most personal growth and/or motivational work attempts to equip you with the gear you need to conquer your mountain.  That’s a LOT of work.
But What If Your Mountain of Obstacles Just Dissolved?

Before we get into the HOW, let us tell you a little bit more about us and how we can help you.

I’m Zen the business coach, and founder of “Expansion Lifestyles”.

I haven’t always been this successful. I’ve struggled to make money, had broken relationships, and even problems with emotional eating.

At one of my coaching trainings, I was introduced to Active Meditation, a technique for releasing negative emotions. At first I thought it was kind of weird and crazy, but after I did some research, I discovered that it really works.

I started using meditation to turn my own life around and began helping my coaching clients. We got phenomenal results, and my life, health, and relationships took off. But I was still struggling to make money with my business. For the first years as a coach, I earned about $375 per month.

I was uncomfortable with selling and marketing. I would literally leave networking events and cry in my car because I was so uncomfortable. But I wanted a successful business. Then I realized that I could use meditation in a systematic way on my business! I realized that I had found that point of power – that way to leverage Active Meditation to make it even more powerful.

So when I applied this new, systematic style of meditation to my own business, to my own mindset, my business went from $375/month to 6 figures a year in less than 3 years. This stuff works!

The Ultimate package is for the individual who is ready to see their vision explode with success. Zen Mastery takes your personal vision from dream to reality to the ultimate success.

 A Step Above The Initiate package:

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¨ Assorted motivational exercises and affirmations
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