Without all the typical struggle?

Recognize your beliefs in any of these?
  • I have a vision for doing what I love, but I’m struggling.
  • Getting others to buy into my vision feels uncomfortable and inauthentic.
  • I don’t like selling – it feels pushy and sleazy.
  • I’m overwhelmed with the details, and don’t know what to do first.
  • I feel awkward trying to discuss money and fees with clients.
  • Too much of the marketing and business advice out there says ‘Your vision is unachievable’ ‘Marketing is manipulative, that’s just the way it is.’ Or you may have heard ‘You should be happy you have a job at all’ or ‘You just have to be pushy to book clients.’
  • Do you feel like you must sell your soul to gain your vision?
  • It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine if you could say:
  • Achieving my vision feels easy and authentic!
  • I feel at ease speaking in front of people.
  • I’m totally comfortable quoting my new higher fees.
  • I’m booking new clients in all the time.
  • I love talking to people about what I do.

The answer is simple. You need to:
Step 1) Get knowledgeable about authentic marketing and sales (most people aren’t learning this!)
Step 2) Expand your comfort zone so you can market and sell from this new place of passion and integrity.
Step 3) Take effective action to create success!

It’s a combination of the know-how and removing the obstacles.
Most people will tell you that you can jump from Step 1 to Step 3 – that you don’t worry about step 2. But that’s where most people get stuck!
How often have you heard (or said!) ‘I know I should market more, but…’
You CAN build your vision in accordance with your values.

You don't need a coach, you don't need a system, you don't even need an angel investor. What you need is a mentor. Someone who not only knows how expanding your abundance works, but knows how to do it without stress, long hours or over commitment.
Work smarter, not harder and expand into everything you really want - a retirement without worries, financial hardships or poor health. Welcome to Expansion Lifestyles.

Meet our beloved mascot Wakiya Chante (Lakota for Little Thunder Heart). She is my service dog and will be present at all events for you to meet. She is involved in every aspect of the business, making sure I am on time, meeting deadlines, returning phone calls and even taking time out for myself (to pet and play with her, of course).

She can't wait to meet you!